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Policy Title: Deceased Students

Boise State University Policy #: 2270
Effective Date: November 16, 2012

To outline Boise State University’s response to the death of a student.

All Faculty, Staff, and Students

Responsible Party:
Dean of Students, 426-1527


  • I.  Policy Statement
    Sadly, Boise State University occasionally suffers the untimely death of a student. The university provides support and communication mechanisms for grieving students, families, faculty and staff by extending bereavement counseling and appropriately memorializing a student’s enrollment at Boise State University. This policy (a) broadly outlines the university’s response to the deaths of current and former students and (b) authorizes the Office of the Dean of Students to establish a protocol for responding to the death of a current or former student.
  • II.  General Response Protocol
    • A.  The objective of the deceased student condolence process and campus notification protocol is to respond to student deaths in the most sincere and compassionate manner.
    • B.  Any faculty or staff member who is made aware of the death of a student should contact the Office of the Dean of Students and provide all known information about the student.
    • C.  If a student death occurs at a university sponsored event or in university housing, coordination between the Dean of Students and associated units shall occur. Coordination shall utilize emergency management protocols.
    • D.  The Office of the Dean of Students shall ensure the elements of a deceased student notification and response protocol include:
      • 1.  Confirmation process
      • 2.  Procedures for reimbursement or waiver of student accounts payable
      • 3.  Family and friends condolence and support
      • 4.  Campus notification
      • 5.  Student records