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Policy Title: Bronco Card Operations

Boise State University Policy #: 2070
Effective Date: July 1, 1978
Revised: July 1, 2010; March, 2011; February 2017

To establish policy that guides the operation of the Boise State University Bronco Card Department.

Additional Authority:
University Policy #7035- Affiliate, Affiliate Faculty, and Visitor Appointments and Privileges

Applies to all University students, and benefit eligible faculty, and staff. By default, online and distance learning students, concurrent enrollment students, and non-benefit eligible faculty and staff, do not receive a Bronco Card or associated privileges, but can purchase a card.

Responsible Party:
Chief Operating Officer, 426-1233
Campus Services, 426-1599


  • I. Policy Statement
  • The Bronco Card produced and administered by the Bronco Card Department is the official means of identification for University faculty, staff, and students. Depending on status, the Bronco Card provides access to many resources provided by and available through the campus community such as campus dining, Bronco Shop charging, access to buildings, use of the University libraries, event access, and debit funds for printing.
  • II. Eligibility and Use
  • See the Bronco Card website for current departmental procedures.
    • A. Issuing: Individuals receiving Bronco Cards must be admitted students, employed by Boise State University, be an affiliate of the University, or qualify under special use status. See university Policy #7035 Affiliate, and Visitor Appointments and Privileges for special use details.
    • B. The Bronco Card may indicate an expiration date and upon expiration the cardholder will need to replace the card in order to ensure validity.
    • C. A Bronco Card must be presented to officials of the University upon request.
    • D. Fraudulent Use
      • 1. The use of an invalid or counterfeit Bronco Card by anyone including individuals no longer employed a the university, or non-active students or individuals other than the card holder is considered fraudulent.
      • 2. Consequences of fraudulent use are at the discretion of the University, up to and including potential disciplinary action through the Office of the Dean of Students or Human Resources.
      • 3. Fees may be associated with replacement of lost or damaged Bronco Cards.