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Policy Updates

This page lists University policies in the development or revision process and those recently revised or approved for deletion.

Approved Policy Revisions

Purchasing (#6130)Revised 06/2018. Updated to conform to new Federal Uniform Guidance for purchasing transactions.  Changes to the policy include increasing the limit that requires a formal sealed bid from $100,000 to $250,000, and the elimination of the research exemption from the formal sealed bid process.

Background Investigations (#7005). Revised 08/2018. Updated to reconcile this policy with the Protection of Minors policy (#12060) requiring background checks on any adult prior to their interaction or participation with Minors in Programs.

Graduate Assistantships (#7170)Revised 10/2018. Updated language to Section III.A. clarifying that Graduate Assistants (GAs) are University employees subject to all University employment and other applicable policies; additional language added under Section III.K. regarding expectations for GAs engaged in other employment outside the university; and updated language to Section III.O. clarifying GAs are “at will” employees.

Non-Discrimination and Anti-Harassment (#1060)Revised 11/2018. Updated to mirror the investigation process outlined in the Sexual Harassment, Sexual Misconduct, Dating Violence, Domestic Violence, and Stalking policy (#1065).

Information Technology (IT) Governance (#8150). Revised 12/2018. Updated under Section II.B. to establish a requirement for the Information Technology Governance Council (ITGC) to perform an annual review of external IT regulatory and compliance standards.

Additional Baccalaureate Degree or Double Major (#3030). Revised 12/2018. Updated to remove the requirement for thirty (30) additional credits when simultaneously earning a double major with two different degrees.

Policies in Development or Revision Process

Policies in Revision/Approval Process

  • Code of Conduct (#2020)
  • Practicum Internship (#3060)
  • Use of University Space Web (#1100)
  • Tuition and Fees (#3150)
  • Access Control (#9080)
  • Policy Development Authority (#1100)
  • Student Complete Withdrawal form the University (#3110)
  • University Administrative Complete Withdrawals (#4185)
  • Faculty Initiated Withdrawal (#4190)
  • Cash Handling (#12020)
  • Change Funds and Petty Cash Funds (#6020)
  • Investment Policy (#6050)
  • Bank Accounts (#6200)
  • Cost Sharing (#6110)
  • Travel (#6180)
  • Meals and Refreshments (#6240)
  • Last Week of Classes and Final Exams (#3080)
  • IT Accessibility (#8140)
  • Public Safety Camera Systems (#12140)
  • Exclusion from Campus (#12020)
  • P-Card (#6140)
  • Budget Deficit Resolution (#6330)
  • Background Investigations (#7005)
  • Emeriti Faculty and Staff Appointment and Privileges (#7480)
  • Official Student Absence Policy (#3120)
  • Policy Development Authority (#1000)
  • University Sponsorship (#9180)
  • Possession of Firearms/Weapons on University Owned or Controlled Premises (#12080)

New Policies Under Development

  • New – Legal Authorization to Work
  • New – Employee Files
  • New – Data Governance
  • New – Institutional Base Salary
  • New – Chargebacks
  • New – Payment Card Industry (PCI) Compliance
  • New – Professor of Practice
  • New – Electronic Signatures
  • New – Self-Disclosure of Criminal Proceedings

Policies for Deletion

  • Capital Improvement (#6190)
  • Employee Action Form (#7120)