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Policy Title: University Web Pages and Electronic Publications

Effective Date: April 4, 2005
Revised: February 2017

To set policy that facilitates the official business of the University, while assisting web administrators in the development of websites that comply with university policies, rules, and regulations, as well as local, state, and federal laws.

Additional Authority:
University Policy #1090 Intellectual Property
University Policy #1130 Use of Copyrighted Works
University Policy #8140 Information Technology Accessibility
University Policy #8000 Information Technology Resource Use
University Policy #8020 Server Administration Policy
University Domain Name Guidelines
Word Press Service Legal Agreement
Boise State University Web Guide

Applies to external public-facing websites that are University managed or University affiliated. Does not apply to University web pages granted exceptions by the Director of Web Strategy.

Responsible Party:
Vice President for Finance and Administration, 426-1200
Communications and Marketing, 426-1577


  • I. Policy Statement
    • The University’s online presence is essential to its mission of teaching, research, creative work, and public service. The Internet is the preferred source of information for many individuals. Therefore, the University’s online presence will be, for many, their first and only view of the University.
    • The University’s online content will respect intellectual property, individual’s privacy, the need to make information available to everyone without regard to disability, the need to support open public dialogue, and respect for the law.
    • All University web pages must comply with this policy, University brand standards (unless an exception has been granted by the brand committee), and University policy #8000 Information technology Resource Use Policy.
  • II.Privacy
    • All University webpages will contain the institution’s privacy statement that is included in the University web template.
  • III. Accessibility
    • Boise State University is committed to providing reasonable access to its educational services, programs, and activities. All webpages will comply with the Office of Compliance and Ethics standards on accessibility. See University policy Technology Accessibility for specific information.
  • IV. Links to Non-University Websites
    • Links to non-University websites should be related to the subject matter of the referring page. As a general rule, links to non-University websites should open a new table or browser window whenever possible.
  • V. Hosting Websites
    • Websites for entities such as professional associations, consortiums, or journals that are not University units, University affiliates, or registered student organizations may be hosted on University servers only when the entity has a relationship with the University that supports the University’s mission and only upon approval of the Director of Web Strategy.
  • VI. University Web Templates
    • A. Web publishers must create and publish web pages using the official Content Management System (CMS) and official university templates and styles.
    • B. Web publishers must not override, circumvent or otherwise customize official web templates or styles.
    • C. All templates, features and CMS functionality must be approved by the Director of Web Strategy
  • VII. Third-Party Web Services
    • Third-party web services (tools, apps, websites etc.) are allowed in some cases to provide necessary functions. All third party services are subject to this policy and must be approved in writing by the Director of Web Strategy.
  • VIII. Quality Assurance
    • A. Site administrators are responsible for maintaining Web content that is accurate and timely. Publishers should ensure proper maintenance, and follow all published university standards of form and content.
    • B. Site administrators are responsible for monitoring and correcting broken and incorrect links, misspellings, an accessibility errors within content.
  • VI. Personal Web Pages
    • Content on sites not hosted by OIT is the sole responsibility of the site owner. Questions should be directed to the site owner. The University does not routinely monitor the content of these pages. Personal pages must not convey the impression that the author is representing, giving opinions, or otherwise making statements on behalf of the University.
  • VII. Policy Non-Compliance
    • Violations of this policy may result in disciplinary action as outlined in University Policy #8000 Information Technology Resource.