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Policy Title: Mail Services

Effective Date: July 1, 1981
Revised: July 2015

To establish the authority for all movement of campus mail.

Applies to all campus units.

Responsible Party:
Vice-President of Finance and Administration, 426-1202


  • I. Policy Statement
  • Central Postal Services, State of Idaho Department of Administration, provides mail services for the University. This includes gathering, sorting, and delivering all interdepartmental campus mail, and mail routed through the United States (U.S) Postal Service.
  • II. Policy Details
    • A. Central Postal Services adheres to all federal postal regulations and the Manager of Mail Services has been designated the University’s liaison with U.S. Postal authorities.
    • B. Only recognized University departments may utilize the services of Central Postal Services. Requests for use of Central Postal Services by other than University departments must have approval of the Vice President for Finance and Administration or his/her designated representative(s).
    • C. Mail services procedures, guidelines, and assistance may be found on the University Mail Services website.