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Policy Title: Sick Leave – Faculty

Boise State University #7260
Effective Date: July 1, 1978
Rev: July 1, 1995
July, 2003
April, 2016

To establish policy governing sick leave allowances for faculty.

Additional Authority:
University Policy #4420 Absence from Campus – Faculty
University Policy #7230 Family and Medical Leave
Idaho State Board of Education Policy Section II, Subsection G
Idaho Code Chapter 53, Title 67

All Faculty.

Responsible Party:
Vice-President of Finance and Administration, 426-1202
Human Resources, 426-1616


  • I. Policy
  • All benefit-eligible faculty accrue sick leave, and may use sick leave in accordance with state and University policy. Part-time adjunct faculty do not accrue sick leave, but are eligible under some circumstances to salary continuation when absent from teaching due to extended illness or injury.
  • II. Benefit-Eligible Faculty
    • A. Sick leave for all benefit-eligible faculty who are employed in full time appointments for nine- months or more shall accrue at the rate of 3.7 hours biweekly (.0462 hours for each hour paid), or one (1) day for each full month of service while on contract. Sick leave shall accrue without limitation. Part-time benefit-eligible faculty (less than 40 hours per week) accrue sick leave at the rate of .0462 hours for each hour paid. Sick leave shall be charged for absences only on contract working days.
    • B. Sick leave may not be taken within the same pay period in which it is earned. Sick leave may be used for personal illness, illness of an immediate family member, doctor’s appointments, or for bereavement leave.
    • C. Twelve month faculty who are eligible to earn annual leave may use their accrued annual leave in lieu of sick leave.
    • D. Faculty who exhaust their sick leave and continue to be absent from work due to any of the reasons set forth in II B above will take sick leave without pay.
    • E. Faculty may apply any accrued sick leave for the purpose of Family Medical Leave as stated in University Policy #7230 Family and Medical Leave.
  • III. Part-time Adjunct Faculty
    • A. Part-time adjunct faculty are not benefit-eligible and do not earn sick leave. However, in the event of unforeseen personal illness or injury, part-time adjunct faculty who have been employed by the University for at least one full academic semester are eligible for limited continuation of regular salary.
    • B. With medical certification of the injury or illness from a health care provider (without diagnostic details) and approval by the department chairperson, continuation of regular salary may be provided for a period not to exceed two weeks in any semester.
    • C. Multiple absences may be approved, up to the combined two-week maximum.
  • IV. Responsibilities
  • Faculty are responsible for promptly notifying their department chair of their absence needs. Absences shall be reported through the University’s time and labor reporting system to record any days when the individual is not meeting his or her normal responsibilities or is otherwise unable to perform the normal duties of his or her position. See University Policy #4420 Absence from Campus – Faculty.