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Policy Title: Professional Staff Employees – Definition and Employment Contracts

Boise State University Policy #7280
Effective Date: October 1, 1997
Revised: June 1, 2002
January 1, 2010
September, 2010
March 2013

To define professional staff employees and outline contract terms.

Idaho State Board of Education Policy II.F
Idaho State Board of Education Policy II.H

Applies to all professional staff employees at Boise State University.

Responsible Party:
Vice President of Finance and Administration (VPFA), 426-1200
Human Resources Services (HRS), 426-1616


Professional Staff – Personnel employed with employment contracts filling permanent administrative positions who are:

A. Administrative/non-teaching faculty who in their positions and activities are governed by professional policies;

B. Exempted from the personnel rules of the State Division of Human Resources/Idaho Personnel Commission;

C. Not designated official faculty, adjunctive faculty, or visiting professor on their signed contracts; and

D. Categorized by the State Board of Education (SBOE) Policies as “Non-classified Employees.”

Reduced Contract – A contract whose term length is shorter than its predecessor. This does not include contracts that are shortened because of an employee’s transfer, promotion, or position change; in these instances, the new shorter contract is considered an amendment to the annual contract in effect.


  • I. Policy Statement
  • This policy broadly outlines contract terms for professional staff employees at Boise State University. All professional staff employees, and the terms of their employment contracts, are subject to applicable policies of the University and the Idaho State Board of Education (SBOE).
  • II. Employment Contracts
    • A. Professional staff serve pursuant to an employment contract. While there is no continued expectation of employment beyond a current term of a contract, the university must give notice of non-renewal in writing in accordance with SBOE policy, which provides for notification at least sixty (60) days prior to termination of the employment contract with the following exceptions:
      • 1. At least thirty (30) days notification prior to termination of employment contracts applies to:
        • a) Coaches and assistant coaches.
        • b) Employees paid from grant funds or sponsored project funds.
      • 2. At least thirty (30) days prior to non-renewal of employment contracts applies to employees who:
        • a) During the course of an annual contract renewal process received a notice of non-renewal and then a reduced contract offer, and accepted the offer and are employed under the terms of the reduced contract, or
        • b) Are working under the terms of their first employment contract with the university and the contract is less than twelve (12) months [unless the contract is the result of a classification change from Classified to Professional, in which case the employee is subject to the sixty (60) day notification provision].
    • B. All professional staff employees are subject to dismissal during the term of a contract for “adequate cause” as defined in university policies and the SBOE.