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Policy Title: Solicitation of BSU Employees

Boise State University Policy #7460
Effective Date: May 1, 1988
Rev: July 1, 1995

To establish the policy and procedures for solicitation of BSU employees by sales representatives and others in order to minimize the disruption of employee time and insure uniform treatment of solicitors.


  1. Policy Statement
    Boise State University shall permit solicitations, as described above, only when clearly in the best interests of its employees, and as approved by the Vice President for Finance and Administration.
  2. Responsibility
    The Director of Human Resources shall review all solicitations and make recommendations to the Vice President for Finance and Administration who shall have final authority.
  3. Procedure
    1. All requests for personal solicitations shall be submitted to the Director of Human Resources. The requests shall express in detail the company/individual soliciting, the purpose of the solicitation, and how this solicitation enhances the benefits to the University employees, and any relations the solicitation has to the University. The Director shall present his/her recommendations to the Vice President for Finance and Administration for final action.
    2. The Human Resources Director will meet with the soliciting firm/individual upon receiving approval to review The following:
      1. Desk solicitation will not be permitted.
      2. Use of campus mail to publicize a product or meeting is prohibited.
      3. Solicitors may not solicit in buildings on campus.
      4. Solicitors requesting access to meeting rooms for the purpose of acquainting employees with their product or service will be advised to contact appropriate BSU personnel for renting space.
      5. A copy of the BSU Directory will be given to solicitors upon request. Contact with employees may only be made after normal work hours and only at the employees’s home.
      6. Employees will be made aware, by the solicitor, that the rental of space or the at-home phone solicitations are not endorsements of the University of the product or service being offered.
  4. Exceptions
    At the discretion of the Vice President for Finance and Administration, conference space and University facilities may be made available to publicize state-endorsed, optional fringe benefits (e.g., deferred compensation and state-endorsed charitable fund drives such as United Way, Savings Bond Campaign, and Red Cross drives).