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Policy Title: Retirement of Faculty and Staff

Boise State University Policy #7160
Effective Date: July 1, 1995
Revised: April 18, 2008; April 9, 2009; January 31, 2012

To develop procedures when an employee retires from the University.

Applies to all University faculty and staff.

Responsible Party:
Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs 426-1202


  • I.  Policy Statement
  • This policy outlines the procedures for when an employee retires from the University.
  • II.  Notification of Retirement
    • A.  All notifications of resignation should be placed in writing to the immediate supervisor indicating last day of work. Notification of retirement should be submitted to the BSU Benefits Manager at least two months prior to retirement date to process necessary paperwork through the state system.
      • 1.  For classified employees, please forward a copy of your notification of retirement to the Human Resources Department (HRD). Forms separating a classified employee from the payroll will be originated by HRD.
      • 2.  For professional staff and faculty, please forward a copy of notification of retirement to the HRD, the dean or appropriate vice president. An Employment Action Form must be originated by the employing department to separate the employee from payroll.
  • III.  Exit Forms
  • Exit forms will be sent to the employee and shall be completed and returned to HRS. The employee should contact HRS to make an appointment for processing separation paperwork which includes retirement, health insurance, and other benefits.
  • IV.  Emeritus Status
  • If the retiring faculty or staff member meets the criteria for emeritus state, the nomination should occur as outlined in University Policy #4280 for faculty and #7480 professional and classified staff.