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Policy Title: Employee Benefits

Boise State University Policy #7190
Effective Date: January 1994
Revised: July 1, 1995
October 2013

To authorize certain parties to determine employee benefits.

Additional Authority:
State Board of Education Governing Policies and Procedures § II(I)(J)(K)
Idaho Code § 67-5761(1)(b)
IDAPA 38.03.01 “Rules Governing Group Insurance”

Applies to all benefit eligible, university employees.

Responsible Party:
Human Resource Services (HRS), 426-1616


  • I.  Policy Statement
  • In addition to compensation, Boise State employees are entitled to a variety of fringe benefits and voluntary, employee-paid benefits. These benefits are selected and administered according to this policy and can be found at
  • II.  Fringe Benefits
  • Fringe benefits are designated by the State and the State Board of Education (SBOE).
  • III. Other Voluntary Benefits
  • The University President may negotiate and offer to eligible university employees certain voluntary, employee-paid benefits.