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Policy Title: Classified Employees Classification Schedule

Boise State University Policy #7410
Effective Date: July 1, 1995

To develop a procedure to establish and maintain a classification plan.


  • I. General Requirements
    • A. The Idaho Personnel Commission, after consulting with each agency representative, shall develop, adopt, and make effective a classification schedule consisting of class specifications allocated to various pay grades in the compensation schedule for all positions based on an analysis of the duties and responsibilities of representative positions.
    • B. The State Personnel Director shall assist agency representatives in the analysis of positions in determining proper classification and shall, at the determination of the Personnel Commission, conduct independent classification reviews of the various agencies.
    • C. The State Personnel Director shall have the responsibility and sole authority to classify positions in the classification schedule.
    • D. An appointing authority may abolish a position for reasons of administrative efficiency. Employees to be separated as a result shall have layoff and reemployment preference in accordance with the Reduction in Force Policy.
  • II. Classification Review Procedure
    • A. If an immediate supervisor feels that a support position reporting to him/her is improperly classified, a request and justification should be made in writing to the second level supervisor (if appropriate) requesting that the position be reviewed by the BSU Department of Human Resources. If concurrence is received by the second level supervisor, the request for justification should be submitted to the appropriate vice president/Provost or President asking that the position be reviewed. The appropriate vice president/Provost or President will approve or disapprove the request for review and forward the decision to the Department of Human Resources for processing in accordance with the Department of Human Resources classification schedule.
      • 1. If an employee feels his/her position is improperly classified, the immediate supervisor must acknowledge the request to review the position and follow II. A. above.
      • 2. If a position becomes vacant and the supervisor feels that the position is improperly classified, Section II. A. should be followed prior to recruitment or selection. The audit will be scheduled as soon as possible.
      • 3. Individual position classification reviews (audits) will be scheduled in the order they are received. Positions will be delayed for review if it has been less than two years since the last audit unless major reorganization has occurred.
      • 4. An incumbent occupying a reclassified position shall be properly classified by an appointing authority within thirty (30) calendar days of being notified that the duties and responsibilities assigned to the position are not properly classified.
    • B. An employee occupying a position which is reclassified may be required at the discretion of the state personnel director to pass an examination for the class to which the employee has been reclassified. Reclassification of positions shall not be effective until they are approved by the State Personnel Director. Reclassification of an employee shall not precede the effective date of the reclassification of the position