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Policy Title: Moving Policy

Boise State University Policy #7140
Effective Date: January 14, 1982
Rev: August 2007

To establish a moving policy in compliance with the State of Idaho Moving Policy and to provide procedural guidelines for moving expense reimbursements.

Additional Authority:
State Board of Examiners Moving Policy and Procedures,

Applies to all University employees.

Responsible Party:
Finance and Administration, 426-1200


  • I. Policy Statement
    • The allowance of moving expense reimbursement is intended to help defray the moving costs for new faculty and professional staff. Boise State University will reimburse staff and/or a professional moving company for the negotiated portion of moving expenses as approved by the Vice President for Finance and Administration (or designated representative) and the State Board of Examiners.
  • II. Reimbursement Amount
    • A. Maximum Reimbursement. The amount of reimbursement shall be established as part of the employment negotiation process. The maximum aggregate moving expense reimbursement shall not exceed 10% of the employee’s base salary. Under extraordinary circumstances, an amount in excess of $15,000 may be allowed. Requests to negotiate or commit moving expense reimbursements in excess of $15,000 must first be approved by the Vice President for Finance and Administration prior to making the offer for reimbursement.
    • B. Repayment. Individuals receiving moving expense reimbursements may be required to repay a portion of the reimbursement depending on their length of employment:
      • 1. Voluntarily resign within one year of the beginning date of employment, will be required to pay back 100% of the reimbursement they received.
      • 2. Voluntarily resign more than one year and less than two years from the beginning date of employment will be required to pay back the amount of reimbursement that exceeded $5,000.
      • 3. Voluntarily resign more than two years and less than three years from the beginning date of employment will be required to pay back the amount of reimbursement that exceeded $10,000.
    • C. Exemptions. Any exemptions to this policy require a petition and approval from the Board of Examiners.
  • III. Authorization Procedures
    • A. Agency Authorization: The agency director or designated representative shall have the authority to decide whether to pay moving expenses on a case-by-case basis up to the limits set forth in this policy.
    • B. The department offering the position shall review the Guidelines for Requesting Relocation Funds, available through the University Forms and Documents web site and follow those steps to request approval of moving expenses.
    • C. Boise State University has bid moving services and negotiated agreements to secure the best available prices in accordance with governing tariffs. Once the moving reimbursement is approved, the hiring department representative and/or new employee should contact Boise State’s Relocation Specialist to arrange the details of the move. Employees should NOT request any bids from moving companies in their own city unless prior approval has been given to do so.
    • D. Scheduled pick-up and delivery dates will be worked out between the new employee and the designated moving company. The moving company will invoice Boise State University upon completion of the move and after the employee has had a chance to examine their goods and file any damage claims.
    • E. Employee and Spouse Both Employed by State: If both spouses are employed by the State, moving reimbursement shall only be allowed for one employee. If both spouses are employed by the same agency, then moving reimbursement shall be based on the employee with the greater base salary.
    • F. Only the Vice President for Finance and Administration (or designated representative) may authorize a moving company to direct bill Boise State University for an employee move.
  • IV. Services Reimbursed
    • A. The State of Idaho Moving Policy sets forth detailed requirements for the reimbursement of moving expenses and lists current rates for reimbursement. Please refer to this document for any other reimbursable expenses or call the Boise Relocation Specialist if you have questions (You will find the State of Idaho Moving Policy at:
    • A combination of the following expenses shall not exceed the actual amount approved by the Vice President for Finance and Administration:
      • 1. Transportation: The actual over-the-road haul charges by professional movers from the old residence to the new residence, in accordance with negotiated rates, services and applicable tariffs.
      • 2. Packing and Crating: All packing (by professional movers only) of dish packs, mattress cartons, wardrobes, cartons, covers, crates, etc. necessary to prepare goods for shipment.
      • 3. Books and Reference Materials: Shipment of books and reference materials from a point other than the employee’s primary residence at the lowest rate available.
      • 4. Insurance for Household Goods: Personal property insurance shall be allowed by the State of Idaho up to the replacement value of household goods. The cost of the coverage will not exceed the amount prescribed by the State Board of Examiners.
      • 5. Mileage: Reimbursement for driving no more than two personal vehicles from the old residence to the new residence at the rate approved by the State Board of Examiners. Reimbursement for commercial travel from the old residence to the new residence may also be included if the cost is within the total approved moving reimbursement amount. The State may reimburse transportation charges for up to two (2) vehicles conveyed by a commercial mover as specified in IV D 2 of Idaho State Policy.
      • If the employee chooses to use the State business travel
      • reimbursement rate per mile and it exceeds the current IRS standard mileage rate for moving, then IRS requires that portion of the rate per mile over the IRS standard to be taxable to the employee.
      • If the employee chooses to use actual expenses for the vehicle, then the State shall reimburse such expenditures only up to the total amount for reimbursement as calculated using the business travel rate per mile in the State Travel Policy.
      • 6. Meals and Lodging: Meals will be reimbursed at per diem for
      • the employee and up to three dependents including spouse, at the rate approved by the State Board of examiners. Employees are allowed a reasonable transit period for a move plus five (5) days. The house-hunting trip shall not exceed five (5) days. Receipts must be submitted for all lodging expense reimbursement requests.
      • 7. Rental Trucks: If an employee chooses to arrange their own move by renting a moving truck or other conveyance, the actual bill and fuel cost for the vehicle utilized in the move are reimbursable up to the amount that the move would have cost using a BSU moving agreement. The cost of insurance coverage is also reimbursable up to the limits prescribed by the State Board of Examiners. Proper documentation must be submitted for reimbursement.
  • V. Services Not Reimbursed
    • Non-household items, including expenses for moving animals, camper trailers, boats, etc., and other non-household items will not be paid by the State of Idaho. In addition, the State will not pay expenses for more than two (2) privately owned vehicles.
  • Note: Some moving expense reimbursements are considered by the IRS to be “non-qualified” and therefore may be subject to taxation if reimbursed to the employee. Employees should consult with their tax advisors.