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Policy Title: Military Leave

Boise State University Policy #7240
Effective Date: July 1, 1998

To provide guidelines for employees wishing to take military leave.


  • I. Military Leave With Pay
    • A. Employees who are members of the National Guard or reservists in the Armed Forces of the United States who are directed by proper military authority to participate in ordered and authorized field training under the National Defense Act shall receive military leave with pay for a maximum of fifteen (15) working days in any one calendar year. Such leave is exclusive of annual and sick leave.
    • B. An employee taking military leave with pay must attach a copy of his/her orders to the bi-weekly time sheet.
  • II. Military Leave Without Pay
    • An employee whose employment is reasonably expected to continue indefinitely and who leaves his/her position either voluntarily or involuntarily in order to perform active military duty shall be granted military leave without pay (Ref. IPC Rule 125.04). The employee shall either be separated from state service or placed in “inactive” status at the option of the appointing authority.