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Boise State University #7480
Effective Date: December 1, 2008

To establish the policy and procedures governing emeritus appointment and privileges.

Applies to classified and professional staff.

Responsible Party:
Human Resource Services, 426-1616

Emeritus – A status awarded to retiring or retired employees in recognition of their service to Boise State University.


  1. Policy Statement
    Emeritus status is intended to honor former Boise State University employees in recognition of their exceptional service to the institution.
  2. Appointment
    1. Rank: The rank is accorded to members who have provided distinguished service to Boise State University and fulfill one of the three following criteria:
      1. Completed a minimum of fifteen (15) years in a continuous benefit eligible permanent position at Boise State University.
      2. Completed less than fifteen (15) years in a continuous benefit eligible permanent position at Boise State University but are forced into early retirement for health reasons, to be confirmed by Human Resource Services, provided retirement at the normal age would have fulfilled the 15 year requirement.
      3. Completed less than fifteen (15) years at Boise State University, but in the opinion, and with documentation, of the recommending department and appropriate Senate, the candidate has made lasting contributions that have favorably affected the University as a whole and will remain actively involved in the institution during retirement.
    2. The application for an emeritus appointment is to be initiated by a department in which the candidate held his/her appointment or position, with the support of the dean or division head.
      1. Classified Staff: Approval resides with the Association of Classified Employees Senate and the University President.
      2. Professional Staff: Approval resides with the dean/division head, Professional Staff Senate and the University President.
    3. It is the responsibility of the recommending department to compile a set of supportive credentials to be passed forward with the appropriate application form. The credentials must include the following:
      1. Documentation from Human Resource Services that the criteria have been fulfilled with regard to the length of service and/or retirement status.
      2. Vita or resume for the candidate’s time of service, especially that time served at Boise State University.
      3. Letters of recommendation from at least three individuals professionally acquainted with the candidate, two individuals must be currently employed by Boise State.
        1. Classified Staff: Two letters must be from individuals outside the recommending department or immediate work unit; one may be from within the department or immediate work unit.
        2. Professional Staff: All letters must be from individuals outside the recommending department or work unit.
      4. A vote of support by the majority of members of the recommending department.
    4. All applications and documentation must be received in a timely manner to be awarded at the appropriate ceremony/annual luncheon.
      1. Classified Staff: To the ACE Senate Emeriti Committee Chair two months prior to the annual Classified Employee Recognition Luncheon to process for review and approval.
      2. Professional Staff: Application packets are due to the President of the Professional Staff/representative two (2) months prior to the luncheon for processing.
  3. Privileges
    1. Each emeritus member shall be listed with the recommending department in University publications and shall receive a letter from the President officially confirming the emeritus status entitling him or her to the following privileges:
      1. Boise State University photo identification card;
      2. Privileges for athletic and cultural campus activities and for using campus facilities.
      3. Boise State University library privileges.
      4. Boise State University Student Recreation Center privileges.
      5. Notification of functions and social gatherings.
      6. Boise State University privileges pertaining to payment of fees for courses in which they or their spouse may wish to enroll.
      7. Boise State University parking privileges.
      8. Boise State e-mail account using the University supported system, upon request. Emeriti must provide their own internet service provider (ISP).
      9. Emeritus Guild privileges.
      10. Mailing of appropriate BSU publications.
      11. Professional Staff: Emeriti stationary for university-related correspondence upon request.
    2. Privileges may only be exercised in accordance with current Boise State University policies.
  4. Rehires
    If an emeritus is rehired by Boise State University in a benefit eligible permanent position, all privileges associated with Emeritus status will be suspended until such employment ends.