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Policy Title: Affiliate, Affiliate Faculty, and Visitor Appointments and Privileges

Boise State University Policy #7035
Effective Date: July 1, 1979
Revised On: April 2016

To establish guidelines to request campus services for Affiliates, Affiliate Faculty, and Visitors, related to their campus roles.

Additional Authority:
University Policy #7000 (Title and Position and Definitions)

Applies to all Affiliates, Affiliate Faculty, and Visitors, and the campus units that work with them.

Responsible Party:
Vice President of Finance and Administration, 426-1200

Affiliates – Individuals associated with the campus as board or advisory committee members, VIPs, contractors, volunteers, legislators, employees of agencies under the auspices of the State Board of Education, and who are not University employees or students.

Affiliate Faculty – Individuals who do not have direct teaching responsibilities for students on or off campus and who do not receive monetary compensation from the University, but who provide instruction in programs with classroom, on-line, clinical, or laboratory experiences.

Visitor – Individuals who are unpaid invited guests for a temporary length of time; and paid temporary employees, including consultants, interns, researchers or research assistants.


  • I. Policy Statement
  • Affiliates, Affiliate Faculty, and Visitors enhance the education of Boise State students and they are therefore found assisting in a variety of programs at the University.
  • II. Appointment
    • A. Academic department chairs and program directors, administrative program directors, and associate vice presidents identify those individuals who merit Affiliate, Affiliate Faculty, or Visitor status with privileges. They forward the names of these individuals to the appropriate dean or vice president using the Request for Approval of Visitor or Affiliate Status and Services form.
    • B. The dean or vice president will approve or disapprove the recommendations and forward the approved names to HRS for processing and assignment of privileges.
  • III. Privileges
  • Affiliates, Affiliate Faculty, and Visitors may be granted library privileges, or have access to a Boise State ID Card, a computer/email account, the campus recreation center, parking, or temporary campus housing. The sponsoring department must complete the Request for Approval of Visitor or Affiliate Status form to secure the appropriate privileges related to the campus role of the Affiliate, Affiliate Faculty, or Visitor.
  • IV. Status Renewal
  • Renewal of privileges listed in section III is available annually. To renew status each year, the sponsoring department must submit a new form to the appropriate dean or vice-president for approval.