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Human Resources

General questions should be directed to Human Resource Services at 426-1616

List of Human Resource policies.

Policy #Policy Name
7000Position Definitions (PDF)
7005Background Investigations (PDF)
7010Consensual Relationships (PDF)
7015Faculty / Staff & Student Consensual Relationships Policy (PDF)
7020Drug and Alcohol Free Workplace Policy (PDF)
7025Rehire Eligibility (PDF)
7030Procedure For Reporting And Protection Of Boise State University Employees Who Report Waste And Violation Of Law Regulation Or University Policy (PDF)
7035Affiliate, Affiliate Faculty, and Visitor Appointments and Privileges (PDF)
7060Employee Records (PDF)
7070Employee Political Activities (PDF)
7120Employment Action Form (PDF)
7140Moving (PDF)
7160Retirement of Faculty and Staff (PDF)
7170Graduate Assistantships (PDF)
7190Employee Benefits (PDF)
7195Supplemental Pay (PDF)
7210Holidays (PDF)
7220Shared Leave (PDF)
7230Family and Medical Leave (PDF)
7240Military Leave (PDF)
7250Court or Jury Service (PDF)
7260Sick Leave – Faculty (PDF)
7270Rank For Administrative Personnel And Associated Responsibilities (PDF)
7280Professional Staff Employees – Definition and Employment Contracts (PDF)
7290Professional Staff Employees Leave (PDF)
7300Professional Employee Performance Evaluation (PDF)
7310Non-Classified Employees- Due Process and Appeals
7330Professional Staff Leave Reporting (PDF)
7350Classified Employees Appointments, Reinstatements And Transfers (PDF)
7360Classified Employees Compensation (PDF)
7370Classified Employees General Policies (PDF)
7380Classified Leave Policies (PDF)
7390Classified Employees Probationary Periods and Tenure (PDF)
7400Classified Employees Performance Evaluations (PDF)
7410Classified Employees Classification Schedule (PDF)
7420Classified Employees Reduction in Force and Reemployment Preference (PDF)
7430Classified Employees Disciplinary Action (PDF)
7440Classified Employee Problem-Solving Process (PDF)
7450Classified Employees Due Process Procedure and Appeal (PDF)
7460Solicitation of BSU Employees (PDF)
7470Student Employment
7480Emeritus Professional and Classified Appointment and Privileges (PDF)
7500Financial Challenge Policy – Professional Staff (PDF)
7510Employee Drug and Alcohol Screening (PDF)

All policies are in PDF format. You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader in order to view these documents. Download Adobe Acrobat Reader.