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Policy Title: Records Committee

Boise State University Policy #1010
Effective Date: July 1, 1978
Revised: July 1995; October 2007

To establish policy for the creation of a Records Committee and handling of
institutional records and university archives.

Applies to all institutional records.

Responsible Party:
Office of the President, 426-1491


  • I.  Policy Statement
    It is important that an accurate history of the University be maintained. It is therefore necessary that certain records be maintained in the university archives and that a committee be established to oversee that process and to establish and review policies relevant to such.
  • II.  Records Committee
    The Records Committee will consist of representatives from students, faculty, and the administration. It is responsible for the periodic review, interpretation, and amendment of all existing university record policies and the development of any related policies as needed. Any misuse or violation of the confidentiality of student or employee records should be presented to the Records Committee for consideration and recommendation for action.
  • III.  Institutional Records and University Archives
    Institutional records include all documents or records that are created or received in connection with the activities and business of the university. Institutional records are preserved for varying periods in order to provide information and evidence concerning policies, decisions, procedures, functions, or other activities of the institution. University archives are those documents or records defined above which have been deposited with the university archivist for permanent preservation and control and to be made available for use in accordance with the provisions under which they have been placed in the archives.