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Policy Title: Public Charter School Authorization

Boise State University Policy #1120
Effective Date: December 2013

To provide guidelines for the authorization of Public Charter Schools of or by Boise State University.

Additional Authority:
Idaho Code § 33-5202A
Idaho Code § 33-5203
Idaho Code § 33-5205

Applies to all University faculty, staff, and students, and any party wishing to petition Boise State to authorize a Public Charter School.

Responsible Party:
Office of the President, 426-1491

Authorized Chartering Entity – An entity authorized by Idaho Code to authorize a Public Charter School.

Petition – A document submitted by a person or persons to an Authorized Chartering Entity to request the creation of a Public Charter School.

Public Charter School – A school authorized under Idaho’s charter school law to deliver public education in Idaho.


  • I.  Policy Statement
  • State universities in Idaho are Authorized Chartering Entities. Should Boise State choose to exercise its authority to authorize a charter school, the following guidelines shall apply.
  • II.  Guidelines
    • A.  No University department or employee may file a Petition to form a Public Charter School without prior approval by the President.
    • B.  Any person or group who wishes to petition the University as an Authorized Chartering Entity must present the Petition to the President.
    • C.  Only the University President can approve a Petition and the President’s decision is final.