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Policy Title: Alcohol on Campus

Boise State University Policy #1050
Effective Date: November 2005
Revised: October 2007; March 2013

To establish university policy for the regulation of possession, consumption, and sale of
alcoholic beverages at institutional facilities.

Additional Authority:
Idaho State Board of Education (SBOE) Governing Policies & Procedures, Section I.J.2
Idaho SBOE Administrative Rules IDAPA 08.01.08
Idaho Code § 23-105

Applies to alcohol on university owned or controlled property.

Responsible Party:
Office of the President, 426-1491
Office of the Vice President for Campus Operations, 426-1233

Alcoholic Beverage – Any beverage containing alcoholic liquor as defined in Idaho
Code §23-105.
Event Organizer – The individual or group who is responsible for the permitted event.
Living Quarters – The specific room or rooms of a residential facility that are assigned to
students of the institution (either individually or in conjunction with another
roommate or roommates) as their individual living space.
Permitted Event – An event that has received an Alcohol Beverage Permit.
University Facility/Property – Any facility/property owned or maintained by the University


  • I.  Policy Statement
    Generally, alcohol is prohibited from the Boise State University campus. This policy provides requirements and exceptions to this prohibition. Decisions to allow possession and consumption of alcoholic beverages must be consistent with the proper image and the mission of the institution.
  • II.  Permitted Events
    Upon proper application, the President or his/her designee may grant a permit for possession and/or consumption of alcoholic beverages at events held on campus.
    • A.  Alcohol Beverage Permit: Alcohol Beverage Permits must set forth the time at which the sale, service, possession, and consumption of alcoholic beverages will be permitted. Service and sale of alcoholic beverages must stop in advance of the time of closure of the event to sufficiently allow an orderly and temperate consumption of the balance of the alcoholic beverages then in possession of the event participants; this time will be no less than thirty (30) minutes prior to the end of the event. The university reserves the right to cease the serving of alcoholic beverages at any time. A permit may only be issued for the sale or consumption of alcoholic beverages on public use areas of the campus grounds, provided the following minimum conditions are met:
      • 1.  Permit Application: An application for an Alcohol Beverage Permit must be made by an event organizer. The application must include (i) a description of the activity being planned and (ii) a description of the area or location and period of time the event will take place. An Alcohol Beverage Permit may only be granted for a specifically designated event. With regards to the sale and consumption of alcoholic beverages, event organizers must comply with all applicable laws of the State of Idaho and the local jurisdiction.
        • a)  The area or location in which the activity will take place must be defined with particularity and must encompass a restricted space or area suitable for properly controlling the possession and consumption of alcoholic beverages.
        • b)  The time period for the activity must be limited to one contiguous event (such as a dinner, conference, reception, concert, or sporting competition). An extended series of events or a continuous activity with no pre-determined conclusion is not a permitted event. The university reserves the right to limit the length of time for alcohol service at Permitted Events.
      • 2.  Additional Food and Activity Requirements: Consumption of alcoholic beverages and food cannot be the sole purpose of a permitted event. The serving of alcoholic beverages must be part of a planned food and beverage program for the permitted event. A meal equivalency and a comparable amount of non-alcoholic beverages must be available at the event and purchased by the event organizer and provided by the university’s contracted food service provider.
      • 3.  Invitation or Admission Price Requirements: A permitted event must be one requiring paid admission through purchase of a ticket or through payment of a registration fee or one where admission is by written, personal invitation. Events generally open to participation by the public without admission charges, or without written personal invitation, will not be eligible for an Alcoholic Beverage Permit. Only persons who have purchased a ticket or paid a registration fee for attendance at a permitted event, or persons who have received a written invitation, will be authorized to possess and consume alcoholic beverages at the event.
      • 4.  Designation of Alcoholic Consumption Areas: Event planners must designate a confined and defined area where alcoholic beverages will be possessed and consumed. The defined area must be confined to the area described in the permit application and clearly marked and separated in a fashion that entry into and exit from the area be controlled to ensure that only those authorized to enter do so and that no alcoholic beverages leave. Under no circumstances will the general public or participants in a permitted event be allowed to bring alcoholic beverages into the event or leave the defined area while in possession of an alcoholic beverage.
      • 5.  Event Security: If requested by the facility manager or department responsible for a venue, the permitted event must provide security through the university’s contracted law enforcement provider. This requirement will be met at the expense of the event organizer.
      • 6.  Copy of Alcohol Beverage Permit: The permitted event must conspicuously display the Alcohol Beverage Permit in the authorized area where alcohol is being sold and consumed.
      • 7.  Alcoholic Provider: Alcoholic beverages must be served through the university’s contracted food service provider. No common-source service will be provided.
      • 8.  Prohibition on Use of Alcoholic Product Names for Event Promotion: The use of the name of any alcoholic product to advertise an event is prohibited.
      • 9.  Under Legal Drinking Age Responsibility: The event organizer and contractors providing the alcoholic product will assume full responsibility to ensure that no one under the legal drinking age is supplied with or allowed to consume alcohol at the event.
      • 10.  Event Organizer Insurance: The event organizer must provide proof of insurance coverage, including host liquor liability and liquor legal liability, in amounts and coverage limits sufficient to meet the needs of the institution. In no case will the insurance coverage be less than $500,000 per occurrence. Such insurance must list the permitted event organizer, the university food service contractor, SBOE, and the State of Idaho as the insureds. Proof of insurance must be in the form of a formal endorsement to the policy evidencing the coverage and the required additional insureds.
    • B.  Procedure for Approval
      • 1.  Event Organizer must submit an application for an Alcohol Beverage Permit at least 15 business days in advance of event.
      • 2.  For the permit to be issued, all permit applicants for the permit must agree to all the terms of this policy and the SBOE Governing Policies and Procedures § I.J.
      • 3.  Alcohol Beverage Permits must be approved by the venue administrator, the contract administrator of the University’s Food Service, the Vice President of Campus Operations and General Counsel, and the University President.
      • 4.  Acceptance of a permit constitutes an agreement on the part of the event organizer to adhere to the provisions of this policy.
    • C.  Student Hosted or Sponsored Events
      No student events (including without limitation NCAA, intramural student athletic events, or any events sponsored by or operated in conjunction with student organizations) shall be Permitted Events. No Permitted Event is allowed in conjunction with any student centered event, in a building, room, open space or other physical structure under Boise State’s administrative control.
  • III.  Alcohol in Living Quarters: Within residential facilities owned, leased, or operated by an institution, the University President or his/her designee may allow the possession or consumption of alcoholic beverages within the living quarters by persons of legal drinking age. Consumption of alcohol will not be permitted in the general use areas of any such residence facility. Possession of alcohol within the general use areas of a residential facility may only be done in a facility where consumption has been authorized by the President or his/her designee, and such possession will be only as is incidental to, and reasonably necessary for, transporting the alcohol by the person of legal drinking age to living quarters where consumption is allowed.