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Policy Title: Transfer of BSU Funds to BSU Foundation

Boise State University Policy #6040
Effective Date: May, 1978
Revised: May 2002; October 2007

To establish policy for the transfer of University funds to the BSU Foundation.

Additional Authority:
Idaho State Board of Education Governing Policies and Procedures, Section V.E.

Applies to all BSU funds transferred to the BSU Foundation.

Responsible Party:
Finance & Administration, 426-1200


  1. Policy Statement
    This policy is to ensure uniformity in the manner in which university funds are transferred to the BSU Foundation.
  2. Procedure
    1. Authorization for Transfer of Funds: No funds received by the university will be transferred to the BSU Foundation unless the transfer is approved by the Vice President for Finance and Administration (VPFA). In order to apply for this transfer an applicant must complete an Authorization to Transfer Boise State University Funds to the Boise State University Foundation form and forward it to the Office of the VPFA.
    2. Eligibility of Funds for Transfer: Only those funds that are unrestricted and do not obligate BSU to the donor in any way are eligible for transfer.
    3. Checks: Checks which are made payable to Boise State University and are received by the BSU Foundation should be deposited with the Payment and Disbursement Center.