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Boise State University Policy #6160
Effective Date: July 1, 1978
Revised: July 1995
October 2007

To establish University policy and procedure for requesting capital

Applies to all requests for capital improvement projects.

Responsible Party:
Finance and Administration, 426-1200


  1. Policy Statement
    Capital improvement projects can only be undertaken when properly
    authorized. This policy is intended to establish roles, responsibilities, and
    procedures for obtaining approval for such projects.
  2. Procedure
    1. Submission of Request or Proposal: All requests or proposals for
      capital improvements in areas funded by state monies or local funds
      must be submitted in written form to the Vice President for Finance and
      Administration (VPFA). The written request or proposal must list a
      description of the project and estimated costs, no later than May 1 of
      each year, for the next fiscal year.
    2. Request or Proposal Review: The Facilities Planning Committee will
      review all requests or proposals after May 1 and approve those
      projects they determine to have the highest priority, and for which
      funds are available. Approved requests or proposals will then be given
      to the university architect for action. In turn the approved requests and
      proposals will be given to the State Board of Education for their
      approval, and if required, to the State Permanent Building Fund
      Council for their approval.
    3. Project Bid: After the necessary approvals have been given, the
      proposed project will be prepared for a bid. All bids will be submitted to the State Board of Education/Division of Public Works for the award of
      a contract.
    4. Role of VPFA: The VPFA will be responsible for control of the project
      budget. The VPFA will also notify the president of the university to
      include all requests for approval on agendas, including all change
      orders, and authorizing all payments for all work completed.
    5. Role of the University Architect: The university architect will be
      responsible for obtaining all approvals from the Division of Public
      Works, supplying all information pertaining to the project budget to the
      VPFA, and overseeing the project to its completion.
    6. Record of Projects: A project data form will be on record in the office of
      the university architect, which contains data on the progress of each
      project, dates of approval, awards of bids, and project construction