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General questions should be directed to the Office of the Vice President for Finance & Administration at 426-1200

Finance Policies

Policy #Policy Name
6000Fiscal Misconduct
6010Cash Handling
6020Change Funds and Petty Cash Funds
6030University Contracts
6040Transfer of BSU Funds to BSU Foundation
6050Investment Policy
6060Student Indebtedness
6070Authorized Signatures on Expenditure Documents Pertaining to State, Federal, and Private Grants
6080Facilities and Administration (F&A) Cost Rates and Waiver or Partial Waiver of F&A Costs
6090Disposition of Balances of Unrestricted or Fixed-fee Grants and Contracts
6100Allocation and Distribution of Recovered Facilities and Administrative Costs
6110Cost Sharing
6120Payment Card Acceptance
6150Independent Contractors
6160Capital Improvement Project Authorization
6170E-Commerce and Online Transactions
6190Membership in Organizations
6200Bank Accounts
6220Administrative Service Charge
6230The Purchase and Offering of Gifts/Awards/Incentives
6240Meals and Refreshments – Appropriated and Grant Funds
6250Public Relations and Alcohol Expenses
6260Meals and Refreshments – Local Funds
6270Control of University Equipment and Materials
6290Accountable Plan
6300Compliance with Tax-Exempt & Build America Bonds
6310Acquisition of Real Estate and Leasing Activities
6320Fees for Nontraditional Academic Programs
6330Budget Deficit Resolution

*Policy has not been revised to fit the new policy format

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