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Policy Title: Safety and Loss Control

Boise State University Policy #9130
Effective Date: October 2000
Rev: June 7, 2004; October 2013

To establish the scope and nature of the University’s safety and loss control programs and to establish a Safety and Loss Control Committee to provide leadership and guidance for those programs.

Applies to all university employees and students, and is provided for the benefit of employees, students, visitors, taxpayers, and the environment.

Additional Authority:
State of Idaho’s Executive Order No. 99-06: Comprehensive Safety and Loss Control Policy.

Responsible Party:
Risk Management and Insurance (RMI), 426-3636


  • I.  Policy Statement
  • Boise State University is committed to the protection of its personnel, students, visitors, campus facilities, information systems, and financial resources. This policy outlines the university’s general approach to risk management. More specific responsibilities and programs related to occupational safety, environmental protection, data management, and insurance are identified in other University policies.
  • II.  Safety and Loss Control Committee
    • A.   A Safety and Loss Control Committee (the Committee) shall serve as Boise State’s primary source for leadership and policy guidance on matters affecting risk management, environmental and occupational health, safety, insurance, and the security of persons and properties. Membership of the committee shall consist of the following:
      • 1.   Risk Manager, Office of Risk Management and Insurance (RMI);
      • 2.   Director, Facilities Operations and Maintenance;
      • 3.   Director, Information Security Service;
      • 4.   Director, Human Resource Services (HRS) – Benefits and Compensation;
      • 5.   Manager, Environmental Health and Safety;
      • 6.   Executive Director, Campus Security and Police Services;
      • 7.   Occupational Health and Hazardous Materials Officer, Campus Environmental Health and Safety Office; and
      • 8.   Lab Safety Officer, Campus Environmental Health and Safety Office.
  • III.  Others with Responsibility
    • A.   Managers and Supervisors
    • Managers and Supervisors have primary responsibility for the identification and analysis of potential risks to people, facilities, and information management systems within their administrative units. They shall assign a high priority to the reduction of risk in the development of plans, operations, and budgets. They shall also ensure compliance with safety and loss control laws and programs to the extent enabled by their authority and resources.
    • B.   Employees and Students
    • Employees and students shall conduct their campus activities in a manner that will minimize risk to themselves and others and will protect University facilities, information, and financial resources.
    • C.   Other Departments
    • The Office of Risk Management and Insurance and the Department of Facilities Administration have the authority to develop and implement risk management, environmental health, safety, and loss control programs as necessary to protect the people, environment, facilities, information, and financial resources of the University.