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Policy Title: Scheduling Use of BSU Grounds for Student Organizations*

Boise State University Policy #: 9060
Effective Date: July 1, 1993
Rev: July 1, 1995

To provide consistency in advising students and student organizations when planning outdoor campus activities.


  • I. Any student activity using BSU grounds must be sponsored by an officially recognized ASBSU Student Organization. Other agencies planning to utilize the BSU grounds shall communicate with Facilities Operations & Maintenance.
  • II. A standard BSU Facility Requisition needs to be completed identifying the location for the activity in the space labeled “Building.” Describe the nature of the activity in the space labeled “Room” or “Special Instructions.” Requisitions are available at the Student Activities Office, first floor of the Student Union.
  • III. The Facility Requisition is submitted to the Student Activities Office to verify status as a currently recognized ASBSU student organization and to determine other needs (tables, chairs, etc.). If applicable, the group will be provided with a Facilities Operations & Maintenance Work Request.
  • IV. When a group meets the recognition requirement, the Facility Requisition will be signed by the Assistant Director of Student Activities.
  • V. If the group is planning a fund raising activity, a Fund Raising Scheduling and Approval form must also be completed and signed by the Director of Student Union and Activities.
  • VI. The student organization forwards the approved and signed Facility Requisition to Facilities Operations & Maintenance along with any associated Facilities Operations & Maintenance work order needs with the exception of requests for the use of the Physical Education soccer field or Physical Education facilities. Those are to be processed at the Physical Education Department Office. That office will coordinate with their schedule and notify Facilities Operations & Maintenance if the event is approved.
  • VII. When the requests are received at Facilities Operations & Maintenance, they will determine their ability to comply with scheduling and added work requests, and will communicate to the group any special requirements, and/or denials or other measures needed.
  • VIII. If Facilities Operations & Maintenance determines that they can meet the request, and/or that it will not be detrimental to the grounds area, NO OTHER APPROVAL IS NECESSARY.

*This policy has been suspended until further notice.