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Policy Title: Bronco Shop Operations

Boise State University Policy #: 9200
Effective Date: July 13, 1981
Revised: December 2, 2010; March, 2011; February 2017; May 2017

To establish policy defining the operations, functions, and responsibilities of the Boise
State University Bronco Shop.

Additional Authority:
Higher Education Opportunity Act (HEOA)

All University departments, faculty, staff, students, and community members using
services or employed by the Boise State Bronco Shop.

Responsible Party:
Chief Operating officer, 426-1233

Boise State Bronco Shop- The University’s retail and bookstore operation affiliated with University Campus Services. It includes both brick and mortar, and online commerce.


I.  Policy Statement

Boise State University maintains the Boise State Bronco Shop as its exclusive retailer that provides textbooks, general books, supplies, gifts, computers, hardware, software, insignia product, and services for the university community.

II.  Procedure

All campus groups or unaffiliated entities wishing to sell any of the items listed above must submit a request to the Director of the Bronco Shop. If approved, the Director will create an agreement that outlines the goods to be sold and commission for the bookstore.

III. Event Specific Products and Book Sales

All merchandise and/or book sales by meeting or event sponsors require written approval from the University bronco Shop Director. If approved, the Bronco Shop reserves the right to collect a percentage of the commissions from the sale. A list of all books and/or merchandise must be submitted with the written request at least two weeks prior to the meeting or event.

IV.  Textbook Requisitions

A. Faculty shall provide to the Bronco Shop a list of all required and recommended textbooks and supplemental material as well as the number of students enrolled and the maximum student enrollment for each course or class they teach.  This will ensure that students, particularly those on scholarship and financial aid, and those with disabilities who need accessible textbooks, will receive appropriate and useful services.
B. This information can be provided to the Bronco Shop  via the textbook requisition form located on their website. An average of eight weeks is required for delivery of texts to prepare them for sale.
C.  Requisition forms, even when no textbooks or materials are required, for the fall semester are due April 15th, for the spring semester are due Oct. 15th, and for the summer semester are due March 15th.

III.  Bronco Shop Advisory Board

The Bronco Shop Advisory Board serves in an advisory capacity to the Director of the Bronco Shop and Executive Director of Campus Services concerning procedures and operations. Membership, charter purpose, and meeting minutes can be obtained by request through the Director.

IV.  Charitable Merchandise Donation Requests

Boise State assists many charities each year with fundraising efforts through donations from the Bronco Shop. Due to the large volume of requests received each year, the Bronco Shop has establishes an application/ policy for all donations. Items donated are subject to availability and administrative approval. To request a donation, organizations must complete their donation requests using the following page:

Guidelines/ Application for Charitable Donations