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Policy Title: University Graphics Standards

Boise State University Policy #: 10000
Effective Date: August 1, 1981
Revised: July 1995; October 2007

To establish policy for the coordination of graphic images that identify or
represents the university to an external audience.

Applies to all technical processing of graphics material that identifies or
represents the university to an external audience.

Responsible Party:
Communications and Marketing Office, 426-1577


  • I.  Policy Statement
    The University must ensure that the image it portrays to the community and other external entities is consistent and that it accurately depicts the mission and efforts of the institution. This policy will enable the university to provide necessary guidelines for visual and verbal messages meant to officially represent it.
  • II.  Limitations
    This policy covers only the technical processing and presentational impact of materials and does not extend to editorial control of the message content.
  • III.  University Graphics Standards Committee
    • A.  Committee Responsibilities: The following will constitute the responsibilities of the committee:
      • 1.  Setting graphic standards policies that include, but are not limited to, the university logo/seal, letterhead, business cards, publications, signs, video productions, and internet pages;
      • 2.  Auditing and reviewing, which are necessary to maintain acceptable standards and to ensure graphic quality of communication projects that represent the university to its external audiences;
      • 3.  Furnishing appeal opportunity to requirements or decisions made under the auspice of this policy; and
      • 4.  Establishing, updating, and enforcing the university’s Institutional Identity Manual.
    • B.  Appointment of Members: Committee members will be appointed by the President. The committee will elect its own chairperson and will meet at the call of that individual, or from a call of more than a half of the membership. The committee’s membership will consist of two faculty representatives, one News Services representative, one Athletics Department representative, one Simplot/Micron Institutional Technology Center representative, one Student Union representative, and one student representatives.
    • C.  Ex-Officio Membership: The Director of University Relations, Director of Printing and Graphic Services, and the Director of New Student Information will hold ex-officio membership.
  • IV.  Executive Responsibility
    The Director of University Communications and Marketing holds executive responsibility for this policy. The director may request that proofs be submitted to him or her or to the committee prior to actual media distribution. The director will report on a regular basis to, and work in close coordination with the Graphics Standards Committee. The director may request the assistance of the committee in making decisions regarding the enforcement of standards covered in this policy.
  • V.  Institutional Identity Manual
    The identity manual will explain the policies in effect for the use of university graphics, such as logo, seal, school colors, and so forth. The manual will also describe the requirements for appropriate university identification in university publications, advertising, electronic messages, and miscellaneous communication representing the university to the public.
  • VI.  Appeal Procedure
    Decisions made under the provisions of this policy may be appealed to the Graphics Standards Committee. The chairperson for that committee should be contacted with the appeal in writing. Once the appeal is received, the committee will convene promptly to give it a hearing so as not to jeopardize project completion.