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Policy Title: Push-Button Alarms

Boise State University BSU Policy #12150
Effective Date: September 2015

To guide campus units in the purchase, installation, and operation of push-button alarms.

Applies to all campus units

Responsible Party:
Chief Operating Officer, (208) 426-1233


  • I. Policy Statement
  • To ensure push-button alarms, commonly known as panic alarms, are functional and compatible with existing equipment and that Campus Security and Police Services is informed of the current location and standards of all push-button alarms located on campus. This will help protect and secure the campus community.
  • II. Responsibilities
    • A. The Integrated Security Technology Committee (ISTC) will:
      • 1. With consideration of budget constraints, determine acceptable standards for push-button alarms to include but not be limited to manufacturers, models, and software platforms.
      • 2. Schedule meetings with campus units who have received approval for installation of push-button alarms. Included in the meeting will be the department head, a representative from Campus Security and Police Services, and an employee from OIT. At this meeting the security needs of the campus unit, type of alarm to be installed, and associated costs will be discussed.
      • 3. Ensure push-button alarm compatibility and connection to the central station monitoring equipment located in the Campus Security and Police Services Communication Center.
      • 4. Deploy the Office of Information Technology (OIT) to install new security alarms.
      • 5. Verify through the alarm systems coordinator in Campus Security and Police Services the installation and proper functioning of the push-button alarm.
    • B. Campus Units
    • A campus unit includes but is not limited to a college, department, program administrative office, research center, or other operating unit and is responsible to:
      • 1. Provide the ISTC with up-to-date locations for any push-button alarms in its unit. This information is required as soon as changes are made. Failure to do so may result in dispatch sending security officers to a former location for a push-button alarm that has moved.
      • 2. Request the installation of a new push-button alarm from the appropriate University dean, director or department head/chair who will make a request on behalf of the campus unit to the ISTC for approval.
  • III. Push-button alarm response
    • A. Campus Security and Police Services will respond to push-button alarms in accordance with their standard operating procedures.
    • B. Campus Security and Police Services has the discretion to assess a fee for responding to repeat false alarms.