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Policy Update – April 2019

Policy Update – April 2019

The following are policy updates for April 2019:

New Policies Approved

Data Governance Committee (#8160).  Approved 04/2019. New policy establishing authority for a Data Governance Committee charged with governing the access, use, quality, and retention of University data and ensuring University employees, students, contractors, consultants, affiliates, and vendors act ethically and responsibly with respect to data.

Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) (#6340)Approved 04/2019. New policy established to protect against payment card fraud in e-commerce and terminal-based transactions in compliance with Payment Card Industry-Data Security Standards. This new policy also defines and provides requirements and guidelines for all payment card activities and establishes required practices for all members of Boise State University.

Approved Policy Revisions

Travel (#6180)Revised April 2019. Revised language removing pre-approval requirement to use a P-card for non-employee expenses. Removed requirement for all expenses to be paid with personal funds upfront and reimbursable only upon completion of travel. Revised language allows P-card usage for the business-related aspects of travel.

Cash Handling (#6010)Revised April 2019. Revised language to comply with State Board of Education Policy, Section V.

Change Funds and Petty Cash (#6020)Revised April 2019. Policy revised deleting procedural language and added clarifying language bringing policy into alignment with University Policy 6010 (Cash Handling).

Investment Policy (#6050)Revised April 2019. Revised removing language requiring the Investment Committee to be chaired by the Treasurer.

Bank Accounts (#6200). Revised April 2019. Revised adding language under Section 3.2 clarifying the Controller’s Office responsibilities.

Possession of Firearms/Weapons on University-Owned or Controlled Premises (#12080)Revised April 2019. Updated under Section 4.2.g allowing the lawful carrying of concealed firearms by a qualified, retired law enforcement officer in compliance with Idaho Code §18-3302K. Section 4.4.b was revised prohibiting any employee who holds an enhanced license to carry concealed weapons and is assigned to, or regularly expected to respond to any area where carrying firearms are prohibited under Section 4.2.g.(i-ii), from carrying a firearm while on shift.

Tuition and Student Fees (#3150)Revised 04/2019. Revised to ensure student fees are expended for their stated purpose and in compliance with State Board of Education Policy, Section V.R.

Cost Sharing (#6110)Revised 04/2019. Substantial rewrite to ensure policy is in alignment with Office of Management and Budget Administrative Requirements, Cost Principles, and Audit Requirements for Federal Awards (“Uniform Guidance”), and the Federal Acquisition (“FAR”).

Practicum and Internship (#3060)Revised 04/2019. Updated to allow practicum/internship courses to include Work U course offerings.

Information Technology (IT) Governance (#8150). Revised 12/2018. Updated under Section II.B. to establish a requirement for the Information Technology Governance Council (ITGC) to perform an annual review of external IT regulatory and compliance standards.

Additional Baccalaureate Degree or Double Major (#3030). Revised 12/2018. Updated to remove the requirement for thirty (30) additional credits when simultaneously earning a double major with two different degrees.


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