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May 2018 – Policy Updates

May 2018 – Policy Updates

The following is the policy update for May 2018:

Faculty Leave for Birth/Adoption and Workload Release Plan (#7265) – Updated to conform to the State Department of Human Resources leave categories.  No change in benefit or procedure occurs with this update.

Faculty Responsibility to Address Student Academic Misconduct (NEW #4180) – Created to establish the faculty role in student academic misconduct.  It provides tools for faculty to proactively prevent, and respond to cases of academic misconduct.

University Sponsorship (NEW #9180) – Created to provide direction and clarity for university groups on the solicitation and maintenance of corporate sponsorships.

Establishing a School (DELETE – #4041) – Deleted as an unnecessary policy.

Personal Long Distance Telephone, Cellular Use and Fax Calls (DELETE – #8110) – Deleted to provide efficiencies and save money.  The cost of tracking, billing, collecting and processing the checks to bill employees for minor long distance calls on the university telephones outweighs the expense.

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