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March 2018 – Policy Updates

March 2018 – Policy Updates

The following is the policy update for March 2018:

Student Code of Conduct (#2020) – Updated to inform how Title IX Appeals involving students are addressed in policy.  Please contact Kyrsti Wyatt in the Dean of Student’s Office for questions about this policy.

Moving (#7140) – Revised to comply with the new federal Tax Cuts and Jobs Act signed into law December 22, 2017 making all moving expense reimbursements to employees now taxable.

Emeritus Faculty and Staff Appointment and Privileges (#7480) – Policy #4280 and Policy #7480 were combined (Policy #4280 will be deleted) to move the Emeritus application and approval process from employee organizations and the Provost’s Office to Human Resources.  The Emeritus application process now has a standard application for employees serving fifteen years or longer at the University and an exception application for those employees serving less than fifteen years.  For any questions regarding implementation of this policy, contact Noreen Comacho in HR.

Naming (#11000) – Revised to clarify the responsibilities of the Facilities Planning Council (FPC) and the University Naming Committee.


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