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February 2017

February 2017

The following is the policy update for February 2017:

Nondiscrimination on the Basis of Disability (NEW #1075) – Created to outline a clear statement from the University regarding expectations of accessibility in compliance with our legal requirements and our mission and Statement of Values.  It requires employees and departments to put thought and resources into ensuring equitable access to programs, courses, and benefits of the University for individuals with disabilities.  It is a roadmap for the university to document continued improvement in this area.

Student Privacy and Release of Information (#2250) – Updated to clarify the requirements of the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974 (FERPA) and all subsequent amendments.  Related procedures will be established in departments across campus to ensure that external requests for information in education records are documented and relayed to the Office of the Registrar.  It also establishes a student appeal process for students who believe the information contained in their education record is inaccurate.

Part-Time Tenure-Eligible Faculty (NEW #4215) – Created to formalize the process and criteria for tenured and tenure-track faculty to explore part-time appointments.  Part-time faculty appointments will be granted only under exceptional circumstances.

Office of Sponsored Programs (#5030) (Formerly Office of Research Administration) –  Updated to reflect the name change of the office, to add authority for Sponsored Project Accounting functions, to remove references to the Faculty Research Advisory Committee, which is now the responsibility of the VPRED (Vice President for Research and Economic Development), and to remove responsibility for Research Compliance functions that have been absorbed by the Office of Research Compliance (ORC).

University Contracts (#6030) – Revised to update protocols and improve contracting as well as enhance Boise State’s compliance with state and federal laws, and University and Board policy regarding contracts.

Political Activity (#7070) – Revised to include guidance for employees who participate in issues or initiatives.

University Web Pages and Electronic Publications #8040 – Revised to update an eleven year old policy.  New standards for university web pages were added that include: how links to non-university websites should be used; when the university may host affiliated websites; and when third-party web services may be used.  Direct questions to the Director of Web Strategy.

Information Technology Accessibility (NEW #8140) – This policy addresses discrimination in violation of University Policy #1060: Antidiscrimination and Non-harassment, by ensuring that IT products used meet accessibility requirements required by the ADA, Section 508 of the Rehabilitation Act, courts, and the US Department of Education, Office of Civil Rights.  The policy documents the University’s commitment to universal access to campus owned and controlled IT products.

Smoke-Free Campus (#9110) – Updated to move the smoke-free facilities responsibilities of the policy from Health Services to Campus Operations.

Inclement Weather (NEW #9120) – Created to establish how the campus responds to inclement weather; the protocols for initiating a delayed start for classes or a cancellation of classes; and the philosophies around travel to and from campus for employees during inclement weather.

Student Union (#9190) – (Formerly #2150) – Updated to accurately reflect changes in the recently revised policy, Use of University Space #1100, and the Student Union Event Guidelines.  In addition the policy was moved from section II of the policy manual to section IX because the Division of Campus Operations is now the responsible party for the Student Union and its on-site campus services.

Bronco Shop Operations (#9200) (Formerly #2000 Bookstore Operations) – Revised to direct campus groups or unaffiliated entities wishing to sell any books, supplies, or services on campus on how to create the necessary agreement with the Boise State Bronco Shop.  The title of the policy was updated to reflect the new name of the former Bookstore.

Bronco Card Operations (#9250) (Formerly # 2070) – Updated to reflect the Division of Campus Operations as the new responsible party.

Possession of Firearms/Weapons on University Owned or Controlled Premises (#12080) – Revised to clarify that stun guns are not allowed on campus.

Department of Public Safety Authority (#12130) (Formerly Security and Police Services Authority) – Updated to acknowledge the merger of the Department of Transportation and Parking with the Department of Security and Police Services.  With this merger, two policies are combined into one to create the new Department of Public Safety Authority Policy.  With the revision, Policy #9190 Transportation and Parking will be deleted.

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