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November 2016

November 2016

The following is the policy update for November 2016:

University Sign Policy (#9100) – Updated to include policy that prohibits individuals from removing or moving any signs on campus. Anyone wishing to move a sign must contact the University Sign Committee to ensure compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act and University policies and procedures. 

Honorary Doctorate (#4120) –  Revised to change the structure of the nomination process. This change will free up faculty who formally served on the honorary doctoral committee to serve the university in other ways. The Faculty Senate Steering Committee will review honorary doctoral applications for appropriateness and forward nominations to the President’s Office for consideration.

Lecturer Faculty (#4250) – Updated to clarify the lecturer levels and expectations for degree requirement and advancement.

Periodic Review of Tenured Faculty (#4380) – Revised to align with State Board policy, and to reduce the need to evaluate tenured full professors when their evaluation clock falls within two years of their promotion to full professor.


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