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September 2016

September 2016

The following is the policy update for September 2016:

Boise State Public Radio (#1080 – NEW) – Created to recognize the responsibilities of the University and Boise State Public Radio related to the broadcast licenses issued by the Federal Communications Commission. 

Information Privacy and Data Security (#8060) –  Revised to require an annual security awareness training based on directives from the Payment Card Industry.

Professional Staff Grievances & Appeals (#7310) – Updated to remove an appeal process no longer available through the State Board of Education (SBOE). The University will instead manage the appeal process as outlined in the revised policy.

Conflict of Interest (#1110) – Updated to remove employees who are 1) temporary, 2) part-time, and 3) classified, from the annual disclosure requirement. These employees still have a duty to file an ad hoc disclosure in the event that they have a potential conflict of interest. 

Collection, Management, and Public Display of University Art (#9090, formally 11020) – Revised to change the name of the University Art Collection Committee to the University Art Advisory Committee (UAAC). This change reflects its new role to not just advise on the acceptance of art from donors, but to actively work with the University Art Curator and Collection Manager on a campus-wide intentional inclusion of artwork in university spaces.

Purchasing (#6130) – Updated to comply with 2016 HB 538 signed into law March 2016. It modernizes procedures and gives the University more flexibility in its work.  This University policy requires State Board of Education approval which was granted at the June 2016 Board Meeting.

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