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July 2016

July 2016

The following is the policy update for July 2016:

University Sign Policy (#9100) – Revised an eighteen-year-old policy to require adoption standards for internal and external signage on campus. Consistent standards for internal and external wayfinding and ADA signs are in the final stages of development. Once the standards are finished and approved, the University Sign Committee will educate and help campus units comply. The policy also addresses large banners and other campus graphics, stating that all public-facing elements of university property are generally reserved for top-level university-wide branding efforts and must be approved by the University Brand Committee and the Chief Operating Officer.

Campus Posting and Distribution of Materials Policy (#10010 – Deleted) –  Deleted because the information in the policy is now discussed in the revised University Sign Policy #9100, and the revised Use of University Space Policy #1100.

Use of University Space Policy (#1100) – Updated to clarify support of the liberal use of university spaces, and refine the processes necessary to reserve space on campus. For questions regarding this policy, please contact 

Credits to be taken at Boise State University (Formally #2240 and now #3210) – Revised to require undergraduate students to take 30 upper division credits at the University, instead of 30 of the last 36 credits at the University.

Last Week of Classes (#3080) – Updated upon request from the Association of Students at Boise State University (ASBSU) to clarify expectations for “Dead Week.” All undergraduate classes provided by the University will not give any test or examination during Dead Week, except for allowances outlined in the policy. 

Student Employment (#7470, formally #2100) – Updated May 2016, but recently moved to Section VII, Human Resources, in the policy manual.

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