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May 2016

May 2016

The following are the policy updates for May 2016:

Student Employment (#2100) – Updated to include a definition of a student employee and a statement of philosophy.  In addition, the limitation on the student work week was decreased from a 30 hour work week to a 29 hour work week.  This cap on student work hours applies cumulatively to all campus appointments.  The Human Resources Office will assist students and departments to track work hours across campus appointments.

Annual Faculty Performance Evaluation (#4290) –  Revised to create an administrative home for all faculty during the annual evaluation process, and to ensure faculty members who provide service, work on grants, or teach in a clinical setting receive comprehensive feedback on their work from those appropriate to evaluation it.

Faculty Sabbatical Leave (#4400) – Updated to comply with State Board of Education Policy, II.G. 3. c Sabbatical Leave.   The revisions specifically clarified which faculty may apply for sabbatical leave and when.

Affiliate, Affiliate Faculty, and Visitor Appointments and Privileges (#7035, previously #4260) – Updated a more than thirty year old policy to reflect the modern process.  To speed up Affiliate approvals, the Affiliate process has been moved out of the Provost’s Office to Human Resources, and Vice-Presidents are no longer required to approve the request.  The Affiliate request form will convert to an on-line form in 2016.

Sick Leave – Faculty (#7260) – Updated to clarify the rates of sick leave accrued by faculty, and added in a provision for part-time adjunct faculty.

Protection of Minors – (#12060) – Updated to ensure that faculty, staff, students, contractors, subcontractors, and volunteers who work one-on-one with Minors complete training and background checks, and program directors must register all on-going or one-time programs (defined in the policy) involving minors with the Office of Institutional Compliance and Ethics.  Reasonable efforts to meet the policy requirements should be completed by September 1, 2016.

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