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February 2016

February 2016

The following are the policy updates for February 2016:

Request for Reinstatement to a Graduate Program (#3090) – Updated to generally modernize the policy. Specially, the communication between the Graduate Dean and the student during the reinstatement process changed from certified mail to an “official notification,” which includes email.

Student Evaluation of Instruction (#4300) – Revised to change the process from one of an evaluation of faculty to an evaluation of instruction. The instruction of courses will be evaluated by students in every section of every course, in every semester, including summer. All evaluations will be facilitated through the on-line system.

Pedestrian and Personal Conveyance Vehicle Safety (#9010) – Revised to include transportation powered by motor or batteries that may be operated off-street such as hover boards.

Skateboard, In-Line Skate & Bicycle Policy (#9120 – Deleted) – Deleted because it duplicates information found in policy #9010 (above), and is no longer relevant.

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