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January 2016

January 2016

The following are the policy updates for January 2016:

Budget Deficit Resolution (NEW – 6330) – Beginning this month, payroll expense will post to the general ledger without requiring departments to submit a budget transfer to cover expenses which exceed budget. The policy provides guidelines for clearing the deficits and possible corrective action to resolve deficits not cleared by fiscal year-end.

Repairs, Alterations, and Maintenance (9050) – Updated to clarify where requests for alteration and repair projects should be sent. Beginning in 2017, alteration projects needed during the upcoming fiscal year must be requested by January 30.

Supplemental Pay (7195) – Revised to ensure that the total amount of approved supplemental pay does not exceed 20% effort above and beyond a non-classified staff member’s regular duties.

Information Technology (8000) – Revised to modernize a ten year old policy. The revisions included: the use of a contemporary vocabulary for today’s technology; updated language regarding academic freedom and IT resources; and clarified employees’ expectations of privacy while using IT resources.

Official Holidays and Campus Closures (7210) – Revised to reflect the official University holiday calendar that became effective fiscal year 2015.

Faculty Promotion and Tenure Committee (4310) – Updated to mirror the Idaho State Board of Education policy language. The revision states that the Faculty Promotion and Tenure committee may include non-tenured faculty, a student representative, and one or more representatives from outside the candidate’s department. These representatives are not required to participate on the committee.

Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) (12120) – Revised to include a Section 333 Exemption for the university to pursue permission from the Federal Aviation Administration to operate a commercial UAS.

Telephone Services (8090) – Revised a twenty year old policy to clarify the responsibilities of the Office of Information Technology (OIT), Telephone Services, and end users.

University Housing – Administrative Agreement Cancellation (2130) – Deleted because the policy mostly outlined a process that is available in current housing leases and licensing agreements. The information is more useful in these formats than in University policy.

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