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September 2015

September 2015

The following are the policy updates for September 2015:

Unmanned Aircraft Systems (NEW – 12120) – The University supports the use of unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) to enhance administrative, research, instructional, and service functions of the institution. This new policy directs individuals or campus units who wish to fly UASs to the appropriate campus office to receive information about sanctioned flying of UASs on or off campus.

Campus Security and Police Services Authority (NEW – 12130) – Created to clarify the authority of Campus Security and Police Services. The policy requires all campus units to develop a process to inform Campus Security and Police Services of upcoming events at least fourteen days prior to the event. Requests outside of this window will be accommodated if possible.

Public Safety Camera Systems (NEW – 12140) – Created to ensure a standard system for purchasing and installing public safety camera systems across campus, as well as the storing, retaining, and use of content for public safety purposes. Content must be retained for sixty (60) days and then deleted at that time. This policy does not apply to content used for research with human subjects, animals, classroom capture, or video conferencing.

Push-Button Alarms (NEW – 12150) – Created to ensure a standard system for purchasing and installing push-button alarms, and tracking alarms across campus. Recommendations for the policy revision were provided by an outside, independent assessment.

Idaho State Board of Education Policy III.V
The State Board of Education (SBOE) eliminated the transfer limit of 70 Community College credits in Policy III.V. In order to comply with the change, Boise State will no longer increase the credits required to graduate for students that exceeded the limit. The updated policy is available in the SBOE Policy Manual Section III V. For more information, contact Kris Collins at

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