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Policy Title: Procedures For Filing A Request for Reinstatement To A Graduate Program

Boise State University Policy #3090
Effective Date: October 15, 2001
Revised: February 2016

To set policy for students to be reinstated to a graduate program.

Applies to all graduate students at the University.

Responsible Party:
Vice President for Academic Affairs and Provost, 426-1202


  • I. Policy Statement:
  • The Dean of the Graduate College will consider a request for reinstatement of a student to a graduate degree or certificate program from which that student has been administratively withdrawn.
  • II. Request for Reinstatement
  • The request must include the following:
    • A. The student must write a formal signed letter to the graduate program coordinator responsible for the graduate program. Copies of the letter must be distributed to the student’s major advisor and/or the members of the student’s supervisory committee (for programs in which the student is assigned a major advisor and/or a supervisory committee). In this letter, the student must formally request reinstatement to the program and must fully explain the situation behind his/her dismissal and subsequent request for reinstatement.
    • B. The graduate program coordinator evaluates the student’s request in consultation with one or more of the following, as appropriate: the graduate advisor, the supervisory committee, and other graduate faculty. The coordinator then sends a letter to the Dean of the Graduate College (with student letter attached) stating whether or not he/she supports the student’s request for reinstatement. If the coordinator does not support the student’s request, then the coordinator must provide an explanation for the lack of support. If the coordinator supports the student’s request, then he/she must define any stipulations to be satisfied by the student upon reinstatement.
  • III. The Decision
  • The Dean of the Graduate College considers both the student’s request and the recommendation of the graduate program coordinator. The Dean then sends an official notification to the student with copy to the coordinator that states the decision of the Graduate College. If the request is approved, the official notification from the Dean must include the stipulations to be satisfied by the student. If the request is not approved, then the official notification must include an explanation. In either case (approval or denial) the decision of the Graduate College may be appealed by the graduate program coordinator or the student to the University Academic Appeals Committee which will render a final decision.