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Policy Title: Official Student Absence Policy

Boise State University Policy #3120
Effective Date: April 2001

To establish policy concerning student absences for official university-recognized activities.


  • I. Policy Statement
    • A student is permitted to be absent from class because she or he is participating in an official university-recognized activity. “Official absence” is defined as absence(s) from class because the student is representing Boise State University at an official, university-recognized event. Such events include those scheduled by athletics, band, forensics, Maneline Dancers, music, theatre, and other events designated as official by an authority as determined by the Faculty Senate and/or university administration.
  • II. Responsibility and Procedures.
    • A. Student: Official absence excuses the student only from attending class or other formal instruction during the absence. Students have both the right and the responsibility:
      • to make up any work missed during their official absence;
      • to make up examinations given during their official absence; and,
      • to have the same privileges as other students in the class.
      • Students shall make sure the instructor is notified of the official absence in writing by the sponsoring organization at least 10 days in advance of the absence. Otherwise, official absence status can be jeopardized.
    • B. Faculty have the responsibility:
      • to excuse a student from attending class or other formal instruction during the official absence;
      • to not penalize a student for such absence;
      • to allow a student to make up any work missed during his or her official absence; and,
      • to preserve the same privileges as other students have in the class.
      • Times for make-up examinations and similar work are to be determined at the time the official notice of absence is provided, or as soon thereafter as the examination is scheduled. Make-up work or examinations will be scheduled at times mutually convenient for the student and the instructor.
    • C. Activity Sponsor: Activity sponsors (athletics, band, dance, etc.) have the responsibility:
      • to notify instructors, in writing, of official absences or anticipated absences by students at least 10 days in advance of the absence;
      • to deliver the notice to the instructor via the student on official university stationery with dates and approximate departure and return times for official absence.
      • Note that the activity sponsor and the student are jointly responsible for timely delivery of the notice. Failure to deliver the notice at least 10 days in advance can jeopardize the student’s official absence request.
    • D. Department Heads and Deans: Academic department heads and deans are responsible for ensuring that the faculty are apprised of this policy. Non-adherence to this policy will be reflected in the performance evaluation of administrative personnel responsible for promulgating this policy, or faculty responsible for implementing it, as appropriate.