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Policy Title: Administrative Holds

Boise State University Policy #3200
Effective Date: December 13, 2010

To provide the University with a legal procedure to prevent a student from re-enrolling or changing educational records because of: (1) failing to fulfill an academic, financial or legal obligation, agreement or requirement with the University; or (2) disruptive or dangerous behavior, or Code of Conduct sanctions.

All University students.

Responsible Party:
Vice President for Student Affairs, 426-1418


  • I. Policy Statement
    • An Administrative Hold may be placed on a student’s enrollment denying class changes or future registration for, but not restricted to, the following:
    • A. Overdue and delinquent financial accounts with any university entity
    • B. Fines (including but not limited to Library and Parking) *
    • C. Financial Aid indebtedness (i.e. canceled scholarships, grants, any reduced or eliminated aid)
    • D. Financial Aid process/policy requirements (e.g. failure to sign a note such as a Promissory Note)
    • E. Incomplete Admissions file
    • F. Lost or broken institutional equipment, supplies, property, uniforms, instruments, keys, etc.
    • G. Failure to maintain Academic Standards
    • H. Not meeting admission or retention requirements for specialized programs (e.g., malpractice insurance, background check, etc.)
    • I. Falsification of information on university records, including failure to provide accurate and complete information on the admissions application
    • J. Code of Conduct sanctions
    • K. Exhibiting behavior which constitutes a danger to oneself, others or property
    • *The minimum threshold for a financial hold is $50.00. No hold will be placed for amounts of less than $50.00.
  • II. Responsibility & Procedures
    • The Vice-President for Student Affairs and/or designee(s) has the authority and responsibility to enforce this policy.
    • A. Individual unit administrators are responsible for certifying that all requests for an administrative hold within their respective areas meet the spirit of the general policy statement under “Purpose”. Student Financials authorizes access for any financial related holds and the Registrar’s Office authorizes access for all other holds.
    • B. Upon correction or restitution for the designated infraction the department placing the hold will be responsible for having the hold removed in a timely manner.