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Policy Title: Last Week of Classes and Final Exams

Boise State University Policy #3080
Effective Date: July 1, 1992
Rev: March 4, 1996
July, 2016

To identify the week prior to the final exam period as an “Exam Free Week.” The purpose of an exam free week (aka: Dead Week) is to allow students time to study for final examinations without academic obligations beyond their normal class meetings.

All undergraduate classes.

Responsible Party:
Provost and Vice President of Academic Affairs, 426-1202


  • I. Policy Statement
    • No undergraduate classes provided by Boise State University will give any test or examination during the last seven calendar days preceding the first day of the officially scheduled final examination period of the fall or spring semester (traditionally referred to as “Dead Week”), except in those particular courses that are offered in an accelerated time frame less than 15 weeks and/or wherein it is deemed necessary by departmental policy (e.g., lab, artistic performance, project presentation, team analysis, etc.). Online courses are expected to adhere to the policy whenever possible, but they are allowed to make exceptions when the course schedule differs from the regular semester schedule.
  • II. Guidelines
    • A. In-class final or take home final exams will be given and/or due during the officially scheduled final examination periods.
    • B. No take home test or exam may be made due during the last week of classes.
    • C. Test or exam dates during the last week of classes are not subject to personal preferences (e.g., faculty preference, class vote, or other means of general consensus).
    • D. Exceptions may be allowed for extenuating circumstances, on an individual student basis, to be arranged at a time agreeable to the faculty member.
    • E. Faculty will provide a clear statement in the course syllabus as to what is expected of students during the last week of class.