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Policy Title: Declaration of a Major

Boise State University Policy #3020
Effective Date: July 1978
Revised: July 1995; January 2008

To establish University policy for student declaration of an academic major.

Applies to all student declarations of academic majors.

Responsible Party:
Provost’s Office, 426-1202


  1. Policy Statement
    A student seeking a baccalaureate degree must declare a major field of study by the time he or she is classified as a junior.
  2. Responsibility
    The student, in conjunction with his or her academic advisor, is responsible to declaring an academic major by the time the student has achieved junior status.
  3. Procedure
    1. Classification of Junior Status: A student seeking a baccalaureate degree will be classified as a junior when fifty-eight (58) credits have been earned.
    2. Deadline for Declaration of Academic Major: Students seeking a baccalaureate degree must declare a major when they are classified as a junior.
    3. Changes to Major: Students may change their major at any time. However, students in programs with upper-division admissions standards must be formally admitted to the program to officially claim it as a major.