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Policy Title: Additional Baccalaureate Degree or Double Major

Boise State University Policy #3030
Effective Date: July 1978
Revised: January 2008

To establish requirements for an additional baccalaureate degree or double major.

Applies to all additional baccalaureate degrees and double majors.

Responsible Party:
Provost’s Office, 426-1202


  1. I. Policy Statement
    This policy will help ensure that a uniform procedure is in place for students seeking an additional baccalaureate degree or those students who are seeking a double major.
  2. II. Additional Baccalaureate Degrees
    1. A. Credit Hour Requirement: A minimum of thirty (30) additional semester hours of resident work beyond the hours acquired for the first degree is required for each subsequent degree. This applies to double majors if a student is earning two different types of degrees (for example, BBA in Accounting and BA in English). Double majors earned simultaneously that result in the same degree (such as a BA in English and History) do not require the additional thirty (30) semester hours.
    2. B. Major Field Requirements: Satisfaction of all requirements in the major field selected as recommended by the department is required for the additional degree. University Core requirements and English Competency Exam are not required for second and subsequent baccalaureate degrees.
  3. III. Double Majors
    A student may be granted a single baccalaureate degree with more than one major if all requirements are satisfied for each major field as recommended by the academic department, as well as all requirements for the degree sought.