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Policy Title: Academic Probation and Dismissal

Boise State University Policy #: 3000
Effective Date: September, 1993
Revised: July 1, 1999
November 2, 2009
July, 2015
August, 2017

To establish criteria by which a student may be placed on academic probation or may be dismissed from the University.

Additional Authority:
Idaho State Board of Education (SBOE) Policy III. R. (Retention Standards)

Applies to all Boise State undergraduate students enrolled at the University.

Responsible Party:
Vice-President for Academic Affairs and Provost, 426-1202.
Registrar’s Office, 426-4249


    • I. Policy Statement
    • To remain in satisfactory academic standing, a student must maintain a minimum grade point average (GPA) for the number of credits earned, both transfer and Boise State. A student who fails to maintain the minimum Boise State University GPA indicated in the table below will be placed on academic probation.
    • Minimum Boise State University GPA Necessary to Remain in Good Academic Standing
    • Policy 3000 Table 1
      Cumulative Credits Earned
      (Transfer and Boise State)
      Minimum Boise State Cumulative GPA
      BSU GPA only (Transfer GPA not included)
      0 to 251.75
      26 or more2.00
    • NOTE: Transfer students admitted on probation must earn at least a 2.00 GPA in their first semester at Boise State or be subject to academic dismissal.
    • II. Academic Probation
      • A. At the end of a semester (fall, spring, or summer) an undergraduate student who does not attain the BSU cumulative grade point average required for the total number of hours earned (including transfer or non-traditional credit) is placed on academic probation for the next semester of enrollment.
      • B. While on academic probation, a student is generally eligible to continue to use Boise State University facilities and services and to participate in student life and co-curricular activities as would any other student. However, individual organizations are allowed to impose restrictions to prohibit the participation of a student who is on academic probation.
    • III. Dismissal/Continued Probation
    • A student whose academic performance results in a continuation of academic probation is subject to dismissal from the University at the end of the semester. If the student’s cumulative BSU GPA is below the minimum specified in the table above, and if the semester GPA is below 2.00, the student will be dismissed from the University. If the student’s cumulative BSU GPA is below the minimum specified above, but the semester GPA is 2.00 or higher, the student will be placed on Continued Probation.
    • IV. Removal of Probation – Satisfactory Academic Standing
      • A student on academic probation whose cumulative GPA improves to the acceptable level for the credit hours earned will be automatically removed from probation and considered in satisfactory academic standing.
    • V. Notification
    • Students are notified by letter or by email (sent to the student’s Boise State email address) of probationary, dismissal, or continued probationary status at the end of each semester. Students are also notified by email if they have achieved satisfactory academic standing and have been removed from academic probation.
    • VI. Reinstatement
      • A. A student who is dismissed from the University for the first time may be automatically reinstated after a one-semester lay out. A student dismissed from the University for the second time may be automatically reinstated after a one-year lay out. Summer term does not qualify for a semester lay out period.
      • B. A student may appeal for Early Reinstatement prior to the expiration of the mandatory lay out period. Appeals for Early Reinstatement may be submitted in writing to the University Academic Appeals Committee. The Academic Appeals Form is available on the Registrar’s Office website.
    • VII. Reinstatement and Dismissal Limits
    • A student may receive no more than two (2) reinstatements and three (3) dismissals. The third dismissal will be final.