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Policy Title: University Administrative Complete Withdrawals

Boise State University Policy #4185
Effective Date: December 13, 2010

To provide the University with a legal procedure to cancel a student’s current enrollment and prevent a student from re-enrolling or changing educational records because of: (1) failing to fulfill an academic, financial or legal obligation, agreement or requirement with the University; or (2) disruptive or dangerous behavior, or Code of Conduct sanctions.

Applies to all University students.

Responsible Party:
Vice President for Student Affairs, 426-1418


  • I. Policy Statement
    • A student may be administratively withdrawn from the University and may be denied re-enrollment, after legal notification by certified mail, for one or more of the following reasons:
    • A. Overdue and delinquent financial accounts with any university entity
    • B. Not meeting requirements for specialized programs (e.g., malpractice insurance, background check, etc.)
    • C. Not attending class – applies to situations where a drop from one or two classes constitutes a complete withdrawal
    • D. Falsification of information on university records, including failure to provide accurate and complete information on the admissions application
    • E. Code of Conduct sanctions
    • F. Exhibiting behavior which constitutes a danger to oneself, others or property
    • G. Record maintenance, errors and miscellaneous
  • II. Responsibility
  • The Vice-President for Student Affairs or designee has the final authority and responsibility to enforce this policy.
    • A. Individual unit administrators are responsible for certifying that all requests for an administrative withdrawal within their respective areas meet the spirit of the general policy statement under “Purpose”.
    • B. The Registrar’s Office facilitates the withdrawal process upon receipt of the written authorization from the Vice President for Students Affairs or designee.
  • III. Procedures
    • Requests for an administrative withdrawal must be submitted in writing by the appropriate unit administrator, approved by his/her Vice President and forwarded to the Vice President of Student Affairs for final approval. A temporary “HOLD” on future registration should take place simultaneously.
    • A. The written request must contain the following information:
      • 1. Full name of the student
      • 2. Student Identification Number
      • 3. Reason for the request (include the item from section I of this policy and explain)
      • 4. Efforts undertaken to contact student to remedy the situation and the result
    • B. Within five business days of receiving the written administrative withdrawal request the VPSA or designee will notify the student and copy the requesting administrator of the possible consequences and impending action by:
      • 1. Mailing a Certified Letter to the student listing:
        • a) the specifics of the complaint
        • b) office involved
        • c) student’s options to remedy the situation
        • d) the compliance deadline date of no less than ten business, OR
      • 2. If the VPSA or designee denies the request s/he will notify the requesting unit administrator with an explanation and instruct that the hold be removed.
    • C. If the student corrects the situation or indebtedness in the agreed time, the VPSA office will notify the requesting unit administrator to cancel the request for the withdrawal and remove the hold ,OR
    • D. The VPSA will notify the Registrar’s office to initiate the University Administrative Complete Withdrawal if the student fails to remedy the situation by the designated deadline
    • E. Procedures listed above do not apply to reasons listed in section I.E. or I.F.
      • 1. For I.E. consult the Student Code of Conduct Article 10 Conduct Sanctions
      • 2. Refer directly to the Vice President for Student Affairs or designee for proper procedures in handling I.F. students exhibiting behavior which constitutes danger to oneself, others or property.