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Policy Title: Responsibilities For Curricular Changes And Class Scheduling

Boise State University Policy #4140
Effective Date: July, 1978
Rev: March, 1992
July 1, 1995

Purpose: To ensure that there are established: (1) efficient and effective utilization of resources in support of the academic program and (2) responsibilities for the technical processing of data related to the curricula and class scheduling.


  • I. Curricular Changes
    • A. The Registrar will be responsible for insuring that all curriculum changes have been approved in accordance with BSU 4050. The Registrar will insure the completeness of data about each change and forward the documented information to the Catalog Editor, Schedule Coordinator and Registration Coordinator.
    • B. The Registration Coordinator and Assistant Registrar will be responsible for the timely and proper input of approved curriculum including assignment of appropriate coding numbers and will insure the course and section subsystems are current and correct reflecting all changes approved and received from the Catalog Editor and/or appropriate authority.
  • II. Class Scheduling
    • A. The Schedule Coordinator (Assistant Registrar) will be responsible for the development and publication of each semester’s course offerings in accordance with BSU 4160 and 4170. This will include the control and coordination of all related input.
    • B. The Registration Coordinator will be responsible for maintenance of a current list of assigned instructors including prompt assignment and notification of instructor number