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Policy Title: Faculty Promotion And Tenure Committee Duties And Composition

Boise State University Policy #4310
Effective Date: July 1, 1984
Revised: July 1, 1995;
July 2003;
September 1, 2009;
January 2016

To outline the composition and duties of the Faculty Promotion and Tenure Committee.

Additional Authority:
Idaho State Board of Education, Section II. G.
University Policy #4340 Faculty Tenure and Promotion Guidelines

Applies to all Faculty Promotion and Tenure Committees at the University.

Responsible Party:
Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs, 426-1202


  • I. Duties
  • The Faculty Promotion and Tenure Committee is empowered to:
    • A. Make recommendations on the awarding to tenure. Such recommendations are forwarded to the appropriate body(ies) as specified by Boise State University policies.
    • B. Evaluate tenured faculty when requested.
    • C. Make recommendations on promotion in rank of faculty and forward such recommendations to the appropriate individuals as specified in Boise State University policy.
  • II. Composition
    • A. Each college or recognized division shall have a Promotion and Tenure Committee.
    • B. The Committee must include tenured faculty. It may also include non-tenured faculty; student representation; and one (1) or more representatives from outside the candidate’s department. Divergence from this composition must be approved by the Faculty Senate.
    • C. The Committee shall be appointed by the dean or other appropriate administrator no later than October 15 from a list of faculty candidates elected by the departments/divisions in the college and if participating one student picked by the appropriate student government officer from a list compiled by the dean of the college from the names submitted by the department chairpersons/division managers.
    • D. At least one third of the committee shall serve for a period of two (2) consecutive years, to maintain a sense of continuity within the Committee.