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Policy Title: Faculty Peer Review

Boise State University Policy #4320
Effective Date: July 1, 1989
Rev: July 1, 1995

Purpose: To establish a process for peer review of faculty.


  • I. Procedure
    • Each department or equivalent unit of the University may annually elect, having previously agreed upon the procedure, a personnel committee. The personnel committee shall carry out the duties identified below. Membership on the personnel committee shall be limited to tenured members of the department or unit.
    • If a department or unit does not use a personnel committee, the chairperson shall be responsible for carrying out these duties for the department.
  • II. Duties
    • The personnel committee (or chairperson) shall:
      • 1. Conduct the departmental peer review process to annually review the performance of nontenured, official faculty members of their department or unit.
      • 2. Conduct the process for making the departmental recommendation for promotion, tenure, or tenure review and report the recommendation to the college, school, or division promotion and tenure committee.
      • 3. Carry out any other personnel responsibilities as assigned by a vote of the department.
  • III. Responsibility
    • The department or unit chairperson shall be responsible for carrying out this policy.