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Policy Title: Faculty Initiated Withdrawal

Boise State University Policy #4190
Effective Date: July, 1983
Rev: July 1, 1995

Purpose: To provide the course instructor with a procedure to drop a student from the course.


      I. Policy Statement
    • The course instructor may have a student dropped from a course for one or more of the following reasons:
  • A. Failure to attend class:
    • 1. The student does not attend one of the first two meetings of a class that meets more than once a week or the first meeting of a class that meets only once a week. The instructor may immediately withdraw students who do not meet this requirement. Students who are withdrawn for non-attendance may re-enroll with the permission of the instructor.
    • 2. The student registers for the course, attends briefly and then ceases to attend.
    • 3. The student is registered for another class with conflicting meeting times.
  • B. Failure to meet course entrance requirements:
    • 1. The student has not passed a prerequisite for the course;
    • 2. The student is not enrolled in a course corequisite;
    • 3. The student has not attained the required class standing for the course.
  • II. Procedure
    • A. Applies to I.A.1:
      • 1. Faculty member completes a Faculty Initiated Drop form for each student to be withdrawn for not attending one of the first two class sessions and turns the form into the Registrar’s Office within the first five days of the semester.
      • 2. The Registrar’s Office will drop the student from the class with a grade of “NG” (no grade) and send a copy of the form to the student.
      • 3. For University sanctioned events (i.e., athletic competition, debate tournaments, etc.), the sponsoring group will be responsible for informing the faculty of students who are away on legitimate University business.
    • B. Students who wish to be excused from attending one of the first two classes must gain permission from each instructor of the classes that they expect to miss.
    • C. Applies to I.A.2.: Within one week after the permanent roll sheets are sent out, the instructor sends a signed list containing names and student numbers of all students in question, the course and section numbers and the nature of the problem in each case to the Vice-President for Student Affairs. The Vice-President will notify each student of the impending action and request that the student meet with the instructor within two weeks. After the two week period has ended, the instructor must send an amended version of the original list to the Vice-President to indicate which students on the original list should be withdrawn. The department chair must also sign this document. The Vice-President will forward this list to the Registrar’s Office for processing.
    • D. Applies to I.B.: The course instructor must notify the ineligible students of the deficiency.
    • Within one week after the permanent roll sheets are sent out, the instructor must send a list signed by the department chair indicating student names, numbers, the course and section number, and the nature of each deficiency to the Registrar’s Office. The Registrar’s Office will process the drops with a grade of “NG”(no grade) and notify the student.
  • III. Appeals
    • The Vice-President strives for accommodation between the student and the instructor, but the final decision is with the department chair. A student who disagrees with the decision of the department chair may appeal to the Academic Grievance Board.